Mohsin Mortgage Offers Aviation Financing Options

Mohsin Mortgage Corporation announced today that it has added aviation financing to its portfolio. We provide a variety of uniquely designed financing solutions tailored to large and mid-sized corporations, public and private, as well as high-net-worth individuals. Working with Mohsin Mortgage Corporation, you will have access to full-service financing solutions delivered by leading specialists in the field. This includes dedicated aircraft sales professionals, specialized investment underwriters, aircraft documentation experts, experienced aviation attorneys, syndication advisors, aviation insurance specialists, and ASA certified senior aircraft appraisers. We offer unique financing programs that have been well received in the marketplace because of some key features that are not generally offered by traditional lenders said Sara Mohsin co-owner of Mohsin Mortgage Corporation. Mohsin Mortgage Corporation offers asset based loans on corporate, fixed wing and turbine aircrafts.

Some of the features of our asset based and credit programs cover Interest-Only (Finance 50% of the aircraft's purchase price - 20 year term) and with no personal or corporate guaranty required and a simple one page application to process the loan.

In respect to the Equipment-Only Program (Finance 60% of the aircraft's value - 25 year and newer aircraft) no additional corporate or personal guaranty required with a quick and easy one page application to process the loan.

Mohsin Mortgage Corporation does offer up to 100% financing on the purchase of an aircraft. We offer competitive rates up to 20 year terms for aircraft owners who also want the maximum financing and no Personal Guaranty requirements.

We are licensed in multiple states and offer programs at the international level as well. Mohsin Mortgage is built on traditional core values which reflect in our staff. Integrity and respect are always integral in the services we provide to all of our borrowers. We have a proven track record and have worked diligently to ensure that we are the company of your choice. Mohsin Mortgage offers commercial and residential financing options as well. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-662-9550.