Mohsin Mortgage Lends A Hand To Borrowers

Although the challenges facing today's housing market go beyond any one company's ability to resolve, Mohsin Mortgage Corporation is in the trenches to make a real difference for many of America's borrowers. By offering federally insured loans for first time home buyers as well as helping refinance distressed borrowers whenever possible. We are also actively engaged in finding solutions for our commercial and aviation borrowers at the domestic and international level. With the current market trend mortgage rates on a 30-year fixed-rate home loan are subject to fall over the next few weeks as the dust settles on the rescue plan. Rates, which now average 6.0 percent, could fall as much as half a percentage point if not more. The good news for borrowers on the federally backed loans we offer is:

This past year has been a trying one for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Here are some of their compelling stories and solutions offered by Mohsin Mortgage Corporation:

Sharon Moses is someone with a lot of heart and commitment to her family. She and her husband have several adopted children and with both of them going to college part-time it was financially trying at times. With sub par credit and several credit cards and collections accounts outstanding it was extremely challenging to make ends meet. Mohsin Mortgage was able to put her family in a federally insured backed loan with a 30 year fixed term. We were able to provide her with one low monthly mortgage payment with tax deductible interest instead of 12 credit cards and 6 collections. Her family is now able to have a sense of relief and focus on the most important thing which is watching their children grow and prosper.

As a self-employed borrower, Deborah Jahnke wanted to expand her business and consolidate her commercial debt. Mohsin Mortgage was able to provide her with a financing option even though her credit was in no way close with what a “normal” lender would approve. She was put in a 30 year fixed rate with one low mortgage payment. Deborah, like many Americans was faced with the possibility of not having a financing option as most lenders have become extremely stringent. Mohsin Mortgage was able to give her peace of mind and the opportunity to expand her business.

One of the complexities in purchasing a home nowadays is the fact that a lot of homes are acquired through short sale. Juanita Webster was in a position to purchase the home that she was renting and contacted Mohsin Mortgage to expedite the approval process. Even though her credit was sub par we were able to put her in a federally backed insured loan with a low 30 year fixed rate. With a 97.75% financing option she now had the ability to buy her first home with very little down and get a fixed rate by Mohsin Mortgage. Because the rate is fixed and the loan is federally backed we as a company are commited to a borrower such as Juanita to insure that she is able afford the monthly payments based on her verified income. Juanita now has the opportunity to live the American dream with the understanding of what the terms of her loan are.

Mohsin Mortgage Corporation provides direct, one-on-one customer service throughout the entire loan process. Unlike other mortgage companies, at Mohsin Mortgage Corporation your loan transaction is handled by your personal Broker only. In most companies your loan file is transferred between numerous departments and personnel. Mohsin Mortgage Corporation alleviates miscommunication and streamlines the loan process for you. Your experienced Broker provides you with immediate, dedicated service and is with you through every step of the process - from your loan application, to helping you choose the right loan program, to closing your loan. Mohsin Mortgage Brokers provides incomparable customer service.

Mohsin Mortgage Corporation is licensed in multiple states and offers programs at the international level as well. We are built on traditional core values which reflect in our staff. Integrity and respect are always integral in the services we provide to all of our borrowers. We have a proven track record and have worked diligently to ensure that we are the company of your choice. Please feel to contact us at 412-221-1569 on any questions you may have on your financing needs.