Mohsin Mortgage: Making Dreams Happen

Although this past year has been a trying one for Americans from all walks of life it has also reflected the true human spirit of what makes this the greatest country in the world...which is its people. Many families faced great hardship and through the kindness of friends and neighbors brought hope into their homes and instilled within us all a greater appreciation for more substantial things like family, friends, and good health.

We here at Mohsin Mortgage Corporation have had the privilege to provide many of you with our services through the years. It has been a rewarding experience and one that has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercial and residential borrowers. With mortgage interest rates dropping to 50-year lows it has allowed many borrowers to cut the term of their loan from 30 to 15 years. It has also provided many to consolidate their debt as well as get cash out from the equity of their property. The window of opportunity in the mortgage market will close in the months ahead as average interest rates have hit a record low. One may also regret not capitalizing on taking advantage of the $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time buyers in addition to the $6500 credit added for move-up buyers.

As a wholesale broker we do not compete with local banks as we work with over 30 lenders who offer the lowest rates in the industry. Our portfolio reflects products that are insured by the federal government and are considered the best of breed in lending. Here are a few facts on our lending practices:

Mohsin Mortgage is a family owned business and our legacy has been one of humanitarian and charitable work that our family has done and continues to do so over the years. Our key focus has been education and Victoria College which was founded by my great great grandmother in Asia continues to flourish and provide free education for boys and girls from all walks of life. Education has been a key part of our business model and it is part of the legacy that my family has handed down through time. We strive towards better serving our borrowers and urge all to tune in to the Glen Meakem Radio Program on WPGB FM Newstalk 104.7 Saturdays - noon to 1 pm, Sundays - 8 am to 9 am as we discuss lending facts and industry myths.

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